The Impression of Japan
Its culture is phenomenal not only on a global scale but even in comparison to that of other Eastern nations. Japan is a country with unusual people living in harsh conditions, centuries-old cultural heritage and traditions, amazing crafts, and delicate attitude to beauty and nature. These elements make this place attractive for people around the world and allow plunging in the atmosphere of mysteries and paradoxes as well as feel a distant past and promising future at the same time.
Japan and the worldview of its people are strongly influenced by the location, climatic characteristics, and features of relief that are prevalent there. Japanese civilization appeared as a 3500 word essay of a result of the complicated and multi-ethnic contacts and had to live in a constant expectation of natural disasters. A small amount of cultivable land played a significant role in the formation of psychology and aesthetic views of the Japanese. Without a doubt, there were harsh conditions for living. However, the Japanese saw the possibilities for development, used the intelligence of their nation, and made everything possible for their country to flourish. For instance, Tokyo, the capital of Japan, rose from an obscure fishing village into an incredible city with more than thirteen million residents, what is more than in certain countries. As long as people believed in themselves and their power, they invented, learned, explored, built, and achieved the prosperity.
Nowadays, the results of the nation’s efforts and hard work amaze. After the Second World War, the Japanese made a miracle in the development of information technologies, transport, and trade. The latest innovation in producing television sets, mobile devices, satellites, high-speed trains as well as breakthroughs in medicine and biotechnology are what characterizes contemporary Japan. The example of the country demonstrates that all great things always starts with small ones.
The worldview of the Japanese people is considerably based on peculiar attitude to beauty and nature as well as respect for their traditional culture. Diligence and devotion to work are the most important features of the Japanese national character. These are very polite and reserved people. They have a delicate sense of beauty and notice it in everything around them. Increased sensitivity to beauty made the Japanese sentimental. For many centuries, a special attitude to beauty was cultivated and gradually became a kind of religious cult, which was widely common among all the layers of the population. Surely, all nations appreciate beauty, but, in case of the Japanese, it is an integral part of their national character. Moreover, they honor nature as a living being. The ability to admire the instant charm of something is an inherent trait of the Japanese mentality reflected in the Japanese art.
In addition, traditionalism penetrated into the behavior, crafts, and culture of the Japanese nation. Prevailing in the Japanese society traditions most clearly express the idea of continuity in public and cultural life as well as the value of family and home. For centuries, the Japanese preserved the cultural heritage and retained the classic theater, ikebana, and tea ceremony, which gradually received the status of fine arts. In a dynamic society of the twentieth century, Japanese seek support in the constancy and find it in the traditional forms of art. Besides, their traditions reveal much about the culture of the nation. For instance, the rules of etiquette are very significant for the Japanese. Beyond doubt, they do not think that the visitors will observe their traditions, but if they imitate the Japanese style of behavior, the hosts will be very grateful.
The culture of Japan conceals many mysteries and unusual customs. In Japan, the women serve coats, cats are without tails, letters are being written from top to bottom, people eat with chopsticks, eat and sleep on the floor, and the mourning color is white. Japan is full of its particular oriental charm. It is visible in the branded symbols of Japanese culture, namely the delicate and elegant theater art, traditional literature and painting, garden art, interior furnishing, cultivation of dwarf trees (bonsai), original pottery, calligraphy, ink painting, the finest porcelain. Many people from different countries began to visit Japan and enjoy the small Japanese wonders like Kabuki Theater, colorful kimonos, bonsai gardens, Bunraku Puppet Theater and magnificent performances of the beautiful geishas. The recognition of the achievements of Japanese culture enriched the global culture and, for the Japanese, it gave an impetus to manifest themselves in the modern world.
For some people, Japan is just a country, but for others, it is something sacred. I belong to the second group as the thoughts about the Japanese islands fill my heart with joy. It is the land of my hobbies and interests, a country that helped me to make new friends. All of them love it as I do and dream to visit it, at least, once in a lifetime. I am very pleased that more and more people in the world discover this place and are eager to learn the language, something new about its culture, traditions, and history. However, the most important thing for me is that Japan takes a special place in their hearts as it does in mine.
In conclusion, Japan is a country where the centuries-old culture interweaves with the modern technologies. The Japanese are the most mysterious and paradoxical people of our world: they are sensitive and lively but, at the same time, imperturbable and silent. Similarly, the Japanese culture has many sides. Some associate it with cherry blossoms and kimonos while others think of anime and manga. However, everyone would agree that Japan is a country that captivates and gives inspiration due to its unique culture, amazing traditions, and old crafts. Culture, traditions, mysticism, language of this unusual country arouse interest and admiration, motivate to create, and give a feeling of harmony.
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